Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Carolina's Mexican Food - Phoenix, AZ

This is what a Blackberry camera does or rather can't do when the lighting is minimal.

Carolina's has three restaurants in town. I was taken to this one and told it was a dive.  I wouldn't call it a dive but it does have a distinct lower clientele but locals feel to it. Nonetheless Carolina's is a "legendary" eatery famous for their hand made flour tortillas.

From the vast overhead menu board, you order your food and wait for your number to be called.  Costs are very competitive to the point I asked how Taco Bell can survive in this town.  I'm told that Phoenix has a wide socioeconomic range and there are people who will buy the 99 cent taco vs. the Carolina taco which may be a couple dollars.  OK but the food is so much more authentic and better for a dollar more.

Oaxaca Special Burro - chorizo, beans, cheese, and potato chunks. Good but not spectacular, not. as special as I anticipated but definitely a cheap and good value at $3.45.

Green Chile Burro - shredded beef, stew like and I have to admit I found it better than the Oaxaca Special despite having a preconceived belief the Oaxaca would be better.

Tortilla -  I had to get it because I'm told it's great plain. Huge, very fresh, very good but lacking the wow factor I anticipated

I don't know if Carolina's has a cult following but this place was well stocked with customers. For my tastes it was OK but nothing mind blowing.  I preferred Filiberto's but then maybe I liked what I ordered at Filiberto's better.  Sorry Carolina...

2126 E Cactus Rd
Phoenix, AZ85022-5896

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