Friday, December 23, 2011

Hachitarou Japanese Cuisine 八太郎 - Markham, Ontario, Canada

Hachitarou is another in a long list of AYCE Japanese restaurants in the Toronto metro.

A view of the inside. The booths offered a semblance of privacy.

Spicy Pork Bone Soup with Potato.  It was a good way to start off the pig fest!

Japanese Style Fried Rice with Plum.  The food up to this point came out slowly. Then the flood gates opened up.

Eel on Rice.  This was really delicious.  The eel was tender and sweet. It was one of my favorites.

Deep Fried Shishamo. I didn't realize it was smelt until the first bite.

Tempura Shrimp. It was light and greaseless much to my surprise.  Much better than what I've had in other restaurants.

Hachitarou Chicken Roll and Eel Maki Roll.  I just loved the eel.

Mackeral, Curry Pork Chop Rice, and Fried Oyster.  Mackeral doesn't do much for me.  The Rice dish was very good. The Fried Oyster was my favorite of all the dishes.  It was so good we ordered seconds.

Mixed vegetable pancake.  A little cold but still very good.

Assorted skewers. I only had a bite of one as I was more interested in the other foods.

I couldn't believe they served Red Bean Drink with Ice Cream.  Absolutely wonderful.

Various sushi with each a delightful mouthful.

Within moments came an assortment of handrolls - eel, salmon, and fish roe. The seaweed was a little more chewy, thicker, and denser than expected but yet still good.

Vegetable tempura. Surprisingly greaseless taste.

To finish off lunch and cleanse the palate, I went for green tea ice cream.  It was more like ice milk or ice chips. It was a disappointing cap to an otherwise stellar feast.

The cost was $13/person. Lunch excludes sashimi.  I only have Maison du Japon as another AYCE restaurant to compare against but I do prefer Hachitarou more than Maison.  I would definitely return and try the other menu items, but I must learn to exercise restraint and under order.

Bathroom cleanliness: 6.5/10

Dec 23, 2011

Located at the NE corner of McCowan and Shepard
8515 McCowan Road #9 Markham, ON L3P 5E4, Canada
(905) 472-1210

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