Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Royal Chinese Restaurant 避風塘小炒 (Revisit) - Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Update Jan 29, 2013

Another revisit and another stellar meal.  The centerpiece was the Double Lobster dish.  It was stirred fried with a moderate wok hay flavor and needing just a little more sauce for a little more moistness otherwise it was cooked to perfection for a feeding frenzy.  At $20 for two lobsters, it was a steal.

The beef and bitter melon was also very good as expected. How do they minimize the bitterness?

Garoupa hotpot and a seafood medley vegetable platter rounded out the evening. The hotpot had a good level of wok hay flavor but I've had better here at Royal before as well as at their competition.

Overall, another nice evening of good food at the consistently good Royal.

Dinner Dec 23, 2011

This was a revisit to Royal Chinese, a favorite restaurant off the southwest side of the intersection of Sheppard and Birchmount.  The restaurant was packed tonight and we had to wait 15 minutes for a table opening.

The dinner started off with the complimentary traditional course of soup, carrot and melon.  It was a good to warm up from the cold.

Bean curd fish hotpot. This was my favorite dish sizzling hot with the fish oozing wok hay and the mushrooms buttery smooth.

Pork Chops Thousand Island.  As the name implies, the pork chops are cooked with thousand island dressing given it a tangy zest and sweet overtones.

Steamed half chicken.  I understand this was free range chicken.  This was my second favorite dish.  The chicken didn't have any particularly notable flavors yet somehow everything from the flavors to the textures just worked right to make it irresistible.

Low cost at $4.99, the mussels were fresh, never frozen.  At least that's what the soft delicate nonrubbery texture would indicate.  It tasted as if prepared in a mild broth but needed more time in the broth as it arrived at a tepid temperature.

Honey beef spareribs.  This tasted more western with a heavy spicy French onion soup type flavor. The ribs per se were of high quality but the flavoring was a bit heavy handed.

Celery Lotus Root. Of all the dishes, this was probably the biggest letdown, not because it was bad but because I had high expectations of big wok hay taste.  Instead it was a mild dish that was a side dish rather than a main dish.

Mushroom with Choy Mui.  While we waited for a table to open, a waitress walk by carrying this dish. I thought it was abalone when the wife corrected me and said it was mushroom.  So we ordered it. The mushroom was bland but the choy mui was more fulfilling.

I didn't realize we ordered essentially the same dishes as we had during our first visit until I reviewed my earlier posting of Royal Chinese.

The price was an excellent $6.99 per dish except for the chicken which was a hefty $9.50.  Service was prompt and surprisingly friendly for a Chinese restaurant. This was my favorite restaurant of the trip and this second visit reaffirms there is a need for more visits to Royal.

Bathroom cleanliness: 8.0/10.  Very well lit and unexpectedly clean.

3587 Sheppard E, Scarborough, ON M1T3K8

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