Monday, December 26, 2011

Kim Tao Hot Pot 金 稻 火 鍋 - Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

Kim Tao  金 稻 火 鍋 is located at the northeast corner of the intersection of Leslie and East Wilmot, off Wilmot.

The camera just wasn't cooperating with the lighting tonight.

Dec 26, 2011

Hot Pot is the food for the evening!

You're given the option of choosing two soup bases. Its brought to the table warm and then the stove is turned up to get the soup bases boiling. We choose chicken and parsley egg soup base, nothing spicy.

Upon arrival, you're given two pitchers. One contains lemon tea and the other is plum drink.  You take the menu checklist and mark off all the items you want.  In a little while, the raw food comes in an seemingly endless gluttonous stream...

Plates full of sliced beef, beef shank, lamb, chicken, chicken wings, beef tendon meat balls, beef tendon, beef tripe, pig blood jello, fried tofu, bean sprouts, broccoli, watercress, udon noodles and ?

The hardest part is waiting for the food to cook.

The seafood platter is covered by the Enoki mushroom.  Note the huge oysters!  Also on the platter are scallops, muscles, baby cuttle fish, small octopus, salmon, prawns, and ?

For dessert I chose the mango pudding which was decent enough.

Hot pots are an opportunity to socialize and interact. This was a great meal but there was no wow factor. The wow factor if any was just the site of all that raw food coming arriving at the table in decadence and gluttony. The service was fair to good. I would return for the hot pot here if gluttony overtakes me again.

Bathroom Cleanliness: 6.8/10

Cost: $21/person for the seafood option.

10 E Wilmot St
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1G9
(905) 882-8877

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  1. The server with the thick eyebrows is the worst waiter ever! Kept giving us things we didn't order and scammed us on the beef (real meat)! Spam and spam and more spam is not worth 20 dollars. Giving us attitude for not knowing their menu system when a menu was not given in the first place! And you have to be his helper because he can't speak to the whole table for some reason ... Maybe he should find a different job! Basically a horrible experience. They gave us food we didn't order and when we tried to order real food (i.e. the beef slices) they yelled at us for putting in multiple forms. We waited over an hour for the beef slices. Definitely bad service for large groups because service charge is guaranteed.