Monday, April 2, 2012

Dim Sum King Seafood Restaurant 翠濠庭海鮮酒家 - Toronto, ON

Dim Sum King is located in Maindale Mall on the third floor. Despite being in an old building that hasn't seen the best upkeep, Dim Sum King itself appeared to be in almost spotless condition.

Char Sui Cheung Fun. The skin was slightly heavy and the char sui a little dry.

Fried shrimp dumpling. Very good. This was my second favorite dish and gave me a hint of the potential of Dim Sum King.

Soup Dumpling. Pretty tasty but almost a letdown after the excellent fried shrimp dumpling

Siu mai, har gow, and Chui Chow(?) dumpling. All good but not outstanding.

Beef Tendon.  This was my favorite dish.  Just right spicy with flavor infused to the core and soft as it should be.

Beef tripe and daikon. Average rendition. It's never been one of my favorites.

Preserved duck egg congee. Better than the congee I had last night.

Pig blood jelly. Once you get beyond the squeamishness of it, it's not that bad.

Egg yolk layer cake but it was more like an orange filled sponge cake.

Glutinous rice roll. The black sticky rice wasn't appealing to me.

Chow Fun. This was ordered separate from the carts.  For $6, this was a worthwhile tasty dish with good wok hay.

Dim Sum King is old school dim sum.  There were lots of senior citizens present with commensurate noise levels you expect in a dim sum restaurant.  The dim sum wasn't dirt cheap but reasonable. The food quality was noticeably better than at Sky Dragon down a few blocks. I would revisit.

It might be time to get a new camera. It wasn't focusing well indoors today.

Bathroom Rating:  Surprisingly clean for a Chinatown restaurant. 7.3

421 Dundas St W
Toronto, ON M5T1G6, Canada

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